Frequently Asked Questions

What areas of Australia do you cover?

We supply Christmas decorations to every part of the country. We have local staff and experienced installation teams in QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS, and WA. In other or remote locations we will work with you on DIY product options or assist to find suitable local contractors to assist with the installation.

Where is the business based?

The business headquarters are in Melbourne with manufacturing and warehousing facilities in a number of states. With national and international direct supply arrangements in place, products and services can be competitively supplied to any part of the country.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver throughout Australia.  To be able to quote the freight we would need to know the proposed order, delivery address and any special delivery instructions.

Do you do short term hires?

We hire decorations for 2 – 3 year Christmas seasons.  We classify a Christmas season as any period between October and January.

When is the best time of year to start discussions about a Christmas project?

The pandemic has severely impacted overseas manufacturing, supply and shipping, bringing forward the closure of all overseas orders to no later than April.

Therefore, for large scale projects or those requiring specific products that are not in stock or cannot be manufactured in Australia, discussions should commence between January and March. For the majority of projects, finalisation of the project between April and June is preferred.

While Christmas Display Solutions holds an extensive range of stock and also can fabricate locally, ideally all projects should be signed off no later than the end of July to guarantee supply.

How much does it cost to install Christmas decorations for my site?

This will depend on many factors, and each site is unique. We price our installations and dismantlement based upon the estimated total person hours involved in the whole project, including time spent on project management, compliance etc. Christmas installation and dismantlement is a highly professional service involving the management of numerous risks, detailed product knowledge, specific skills and creativity. Fees are set at sustainable commercial levels and reflect the value and peace of mind we provide our clients.

Do you sell customised baubles?

We sell commercial grade baubles, we would suggest contacting a print specialist if you wish to customise it.

Do you sell or supply second hand decorations?

No – all product sold is brand new unless specifically noted. Hire items might be either brand new or have been previously hired but all items will be in as new condition unless noted.

Do you charge for your design services?

No – we do not generally charge for our design services unless we are being commissioned to do design work only.
We have a number of interior/graphic designers able to mock up concept artwork using your site or location images.

Do you supply sustainable decorations?

Yes – we have recently developed a range of environmentally sustainable decorations designed and locally manufactured by us. Please enquire about these should this be a priority for your business or community.

Can live Christmas trees be used in commercial situations?

Yes – but it is often not desirable. There are a number of issues which would need to be resolved including
• If a cut tree, securing the tree to stand upright in all conditions
• If an in ground or potted tree ensuring lights or decorations are not too heavy for the branches
• preventing the tree from drying out/wilting during the hot summer season
• degree of difficulty to decorate due to lack of symmetry and shape inconsistency
• danger of cut tree catching fire if it dries out

Will you trade in old decorations?

Yes – but depending on their condition and whether it is commercially viable to repurpose.

Do you store decorations?

Yes – we have storage facilities around the country and we charge $200 per out of season year, per cubic metre. For example, a large 6metre tree with lights, decorations and base would cost around $2000 to store annually.

Do you do site visits to help sort out the best options?

Yes – however this will depend on where the site is and how feasible it is to visit. Please ask us if you would like a site visit – it is a free no obligation service.

During the pandemic we have also needed at times to change our usual approach to site visits and have found creative ways to still deliver proposals without the need for site visits.

What are the payment terms?

We generally require a 50% project deposit once approved and prior to production commencing, with the balance payable prior to delivery or at the time of installation. Special payment terms may be required for larger scale projects. Our standard terms are net 14 days or 30 days by arrangement.