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Where do you work?

We serve shopping centre, property management and council clients Australia wide.

Where is the business based?

The business began in Tasmania, with additional facilities now in Melbourne and national and international direct supply arrangements in place, products and services can be competitively supplied to any part of the country.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver throughout Australia.  To be able to quote the freight we would need to know the proposed order, delivery address and any special delivery instructions.

Do you do short term hires?

We hire decorations for a Christmas season.  We classify a Christmas season as any period between October and January. For single season hire an additional freight charge will apply.  For longer term hires no freight costs are charged, as long as you store the items between seasons and return at the end of the hire agreement.  If you do no have storage space we can source storage facilities for you at additional cost.

When is the best time of year to start discussions about a Christmas project?

The earlier the better as this delivers the best client outcomes such as guaranteeing the products you want for your projects.  The lead times surrounding the manufacture and delivery of commercial decorations is 3 months with our international suppliers, starting the conversation in April before the international orders are finalised in May/June each year will secure orders at the most favourable prices.

Some items such as large scale external trees above 6M are manufactured by special order and generally these orders need to be placed by mid year to allow for production and shipping timeframes.

For hire projects or installations and dismantlement we would recommend that all projects are booked by the end of July each year to avoid disappointment.

How much does it cost to install Christmas decorations for my site?

This will depend on many factors, and each site is unique. We price our installations and dismantlement based upon the estimated total person hours involved in the whole project, including time spent on project management, compliance etc. Christmas installation and dismantlement is a highly professional service involving the management of numerous risks, detailed product knowledge, specific skills and creativity. Fees are set at sustainable commercial levels and reflect the value and peace of mind we provide our clients.

Do you sell customised baubles?

We sell commercial grade baubles, we would suggest contacting a print specialist if you wish to customise it.