Photo selfie pods are fun display props that actively encourage shopping centre visitors to personally interact with your brand.  Photo opportunities are the type of engagement that often extends the brand experience beyond the bricks and mortar of the centre to the online world.

‘Seven out of 10 shoppers say they’ll share a brand experience through social media and other means of sharing.’*

An increasingly popular and effective form of shopping centre activation, photo pods are a great form of experiential marketing that can increase shopper dwell time to stimulate sales for traders. With a broad appeal to the whole family, how can you get the most out of your display?

The 4 must do’s for Christmas selfie props


1. Integrated Christmas Decorations

Winter wonderland mockup

From large scale hanging decorations and Christmas tree colour themes to Santa sets, we always recommend integrating the look and feel of shopping centre Christmas decorations.  For example, if you have a winter wonderland Santa Set, consider a similar theme for your photo pods by such as polar bears or snowman seats.

A lone selfie pod won’t inspire much engagement when placed randomly in a shopping centre, but a themed scene made up of various display items will create the type of visual impact that will get shoppers attention to draw them in. Capture their imagination by including animatronics and display items such as snowmen, elves, forest flora or fauna – creating a scene that visitors can immerse themselves in.

Keeping your pods themed with your existing displays and adding other display items means that you can also swap them out with your Santa Sets.  This will help you get the most out of your marketing spend by keeping your displays fresh for a few years. There are options to buy or hire Christmas display items from suppliers which allows you to manage the budget to suit your needs. Other considerations for your product selection is the logistical implications of the product size. For example, do you have the resources to move it, will it fit through doorways and do you have the space to store between seasons?

2. Selfie Props Placement 

Selfie pod mockup

The location is one of the critical components of getting ROI for the photo pod scene.  An easy win is placing it in a high foot traffic area that won’t impact negatively on traders. If you’re wishing to activate a low foot traffic area, don’t underestimate how hosted activities and signage will play an important role in getting people to the pod location. If animatronics are part of the display ensure the location can access a power source.

3. Christmas Activities 

Gingerbread Man & Santa Photo Pod

Run themed events for children to activate the space.  Hands-on activities will create personal interactions that will form lasting memories. For example, some pod options are elf themed and you might consider an Elf Day competition or a band of happy elves dressed up walking around the centre doing general product promotion.

  • Run a competition, i.e. best dressed themed costumes, best Christmas poster design
  • Name in the hat for a draw to win a prize from participating traders
  • Gingerbread making class
  • Christmas stocking workshop
  • Arts and crafts – Make and decorate a fabric Christmas shopping bag, handmade wrapping paper session, decoration workshop
  • Christmas storytelling

4. Marketing Campaigns

Photo pods should be treated like any other campaign as they won’t promote themselves.  Plan a series of activities both offline and online to support its success:

Get trader buy-in – brief traders on when & where the pods will be set up, ask to photograph their staff using the pods to include on their social media pages and for your own marketing collateral

Signage – Place signs around the centre directing visitors to the pods, place a welcoming sign at the pods inviting people to use it. Depending on the sign include photographs of it being used. Action photos of the pods in use will help visitors see themselves. There are themed signs that you can buy, either way, ensure it has your centre name on it so that when the photos are posted your centre is identifiable.

Flyers/Posters– create flyers for traders shop windows, or to be left on countertops or placed in shopping bags. Include photo’s of it in use, hashtags, location and dates it will be on site.

Website – Update your website news/blog section announcing the pods are set up

Social media – Announce on social media the pods are set up and post photo’s of people using the pods. If you create a hashtag be sure to include it in your marketing collateral so that users know to use it. Consider boosting and advertising posts on social media If you take an integrated approach with your photo pod theme, promote it effectively including signage and run a program of activations, it will increase its success and your overall ROI for your Christmas campaign.

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