As millions of letters land in the North Pole, we take a look at the different approaches children take when writing Christmas Santa letters. From bright envelopes and promises of good behaviour to mood boards and stream of consciousness, check out the 19 types of letters the big man in red gets:

Funny letters to Santa

1. The competition starts with the attention-grabbing envelope


Try a more contemporary, ginger colour theme

Kids orange drawing on enevelope

Use stars to guide Santa to your home

Envelope with lots of stars

Make sure your letter gets there before everyone else

Envelope with 'urgent' written on it

Ensure you get past the gatekeeper & direct to the decision maker

Envelope with 'Santa Only'

Or just use outright bribery

 Envelope to santa with candy attached

2. The promise of good behaviour

The honesty policy

santa letter

Trying to be good counts, doesn’t it?

Santa Letter

Incentivise Santa with a cherry

Santa Letter

Or just beg – pleeeeeeeease

 Santa Letter

3. Butter him up,  profess that you love Santa the most

But play it cool

Santa Letter

I love Christmas & Santa

Make it very very very clear how much you love Santa

- no, I love Christmas and Santa

Tell him he’s the nicest person in the whole entire world

Let him know he’s special

 Establish that you are his biggest friend

4. Some kids provide a full inventory list

The list that goes on and on

… and on and on

Just so you’re clear, it’s a PS4, right?

5. Some keep it short and simple

Just a present will suffice


Tell him you love him, and then ask

6. Who needs a list when you can provide a mood board

The classic mood board

The product placement mood board (this entry is sponsored by JB Hi-fi)

7. Just write, let it flow, like a stream of consciousness

From pet reindeers to skipping and everything in between

The Chatterbox

8. Some children are happy with a surprise

Big surprises


Regular surprises

9. Some Santa letters provide useful insights into future careers

The budget-conscious accountant

The Mi6 agent

The Palaeontologist

All things police, Police commissioner

The supergrass

Concerned over worker wellbeing, two prospective union bosses


Asking the tough questions, the investigative journalist

The magician

The typographer

Miss Universe

Number loving mathematician

10. Make sure you provide clear delivery instructions

A different delivery address

A precise drop off point


11. Be very clear, or specific, about what you donโ€™t want


12. Make sure you get your letter proofread

Please use please

The spell check

13. Luckily, Santa is qualified in reading hieroglyphics



14. There are some very caring children writing to Santa

From the elf appreciation club

To sending safety messages


Some are concerned with Santa getting enough rest

Tell him he’s the best


Santa needs to be well fed


15.  Though the odd child is not so caring

16. Some wonโ€™t let reality get in the way of a present request

A never-ending supply

A real fantasy creature


17. some messages pull at the heartstrings


Just want a hug

The optimist ignores mum

18. Maybe the adults need to keep out off the brandy though…

The lonely heart

The high maintenance crush


19. And let’s hope the local member got the fluffy toy cat ๐Ÿ˜‰