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Trafalga Centre

The brief was to create a substantial addition to the existing Christmas display on the mezzanine level of a mixed retail and office development.  The design needed to blend well with existing decorations and add a ‘wow’ factor to the Centre to enhance the shopping experience.

Project Challenges

The major project challenge involved the need to design a commercial Christmas decor that would take account of the dominant architectural features of the building, and still integrate with the existing decorations.

CDS Solution

We focused on the delivery of one major and impressive feature to complement the existing decorations. The design concept involved the creation of a large bespoke white branch tree that would be positioned on the mezzanine level, arching out over the stairs and lower levels.

This created a sense of a white Christmas forest enveloping the Centre users and through a range of decorating techniques created a level of intrigue and interest.

The Result

The end result proved to be a major draw card to the Centre over the Christmas period, meeting the client’s high expectations.