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Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre

We were asked to design a completely new Christmas retail display for the shopping centre.  The spaces are large with an impressive light-filled atrium as its main contemporary architectural feature.

Project Challenges

The scale of the atrium in terms of length and height created a substantial challenge to find an affordable high impact solution, traditional ceiling mounted garlands would get completely lost in the vast spaces.

CDS Solution

It was determined that a vertically orientated design (rather than a horizontal design) would suit the high spaces and allow for repetition over a long distance.  Our solution was to design custom Christmas decorations in the form of vertical hangings of large colourful stars, using two primary designs, one incorporating a banner and one without.

Each design was produced in left and right justified formats allowing alternate placements down the length of the atrium to add visual variety. The vivid colour scheme contrasted well against the neutral décor and in the vastness of the space managed to create visual impact.

The placement of Christmas trees and other Christmas décor, including a custom designed Santa Set, was positioned in the middle of the Centre to complete the display.

The Result

An integrated, centre wide solution making it a festive destination for all the family.