Dexus Property Group

Gateway Building, Sydney

The brief was to design a contemporary Christmas display for the foyer of a landmark Sydney property, in keeping with the contemporary design of the building.

Project Challenges

The project budget was relatively low yet the expectations for quality and design were high for commercial Christmas decor. In addition, the dark interior surfaces of the Gateway building, combined with the heavily patterned glass partitioning would present unique design challenges with reflections.

CDS Solution

One strong sculptural grouping was the only option to achieve the combination of budget constraint and desired quality. After much consideration, our Masson range of German made fiberglass products were chosen. The open cross weave of the product reflected the diagonal and geometric designs in the walls and glass panelling of the building.

A grouping of large stylised Masson Christmas trees and baubles was chosen. The Masson product was finished in dark gold enamel, complementing the dark natural tones of the building, and long strands of bright white LED fairy lights were meticulously attached by fine wires to the internal structures to keep cords largely invisible. To add extra height to the Christmas sculpture, a cylindrical black plinth was created for one of the Christmas trees.

The Result

The Christmas display was highly successful judging by the level of positive public feedback – a simple but highly effective display.