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City of Boroondara

Camberwell Fresh Food Market

As a major Christmas food shopping venue in Melbourne, the City of Boroondara requested we design new festive decorations in keeping with the fresh food branding of the market.

Project Challenges

The main challenges related to the venue’s architecture and purpose of the building, which excluded the use of floor space or walls for decorations. Added to this was the complex roof structure with its lack of uniformity, creating challenges for traditional hanging decorations.

CDS Solution

Large 3D stars were hung throughout the centre to great effect. The lime green stars reflected the ‘fresh’ aspect of the venue’s brand while the silver colour was inspired by the industrial nature of the exposed air-conditioning ducts throughout the venue.

Due to the ceiling heights and structures being different in every part of the building we created specially welded hanging frames, powder coated in black so they would disappear from view. The frames had uniform fixing points for the stars and could then be suspended at whatever height was required to achieve the required sense of symmetry.

These frames were devised in such a way as to allow for multiple hanging methods and could be easily adapted on site to fit around particular obstacles.

The Result

This large commercial Christmas decorations proved to be highly effective, achieving a uniform design in a rather random space, while greatly reducing the installation and dismantlement time.