As consumers, we never really start thinking about Christmas until the end of October or beginning of November.  And often we feel slightly outraged at how early Christmas decorations and advertising come out. But when it comes to planning a program or project, you actually need to start thinking about Christmas much earlier in the year, such as April or May.  This will help:

  • You secure the products you want for your project as orders from international suppliers require a 6 month lead time to manufacture and ship to Australia
  • Your commercial Christmas decorator to conduct site visits, create designs time, prototype development (for custom projects) and product ordering.
  • If you work within a complex organisational structure, often there is a lengthy decision-making process, particularly when different stakeholders are involved. If decisions take time, you could miss out on product order deadlines with international suppliers shipping times or local suppliers.

Whether you’re a marketing manager sourcing Christmas decorations for shopping centres or an event manager at a council looking for commercial Christmas decor, we have created this ‘calendar’ to show how the commercial Christmas industry is an all year round business. By understanding the commercial Christmas industry lead times it will help your planning to ensure your Christmas project is a success.

View our guide on what to cover in your plan, including a downloadable supplier brief document.

A look inside the commercial Christmas industry