It’s safe to say that the last few years have been somewhat… dismal when we look at global scale events, most prominently, the large-scale global pandemic. Due to the reality of events, we’ve seen an obvious shift in trends.  Whilst traditional Christmas themes will always remain in style, the predicted trends of 2022 will see a large shift away from traditional Christmas themes.  Pastels, ocean blush’s, bright neons and maximalism are all predicted trends that are set to rock 2022 Christmas displays.  Perhaps the nature of events in the last few years has inspired people to latch on to nostalgic memories, desire vibrant colour to boost moods and create exciting atmospheres – all that were deeply lacking throughout the global pandemic.  Here are our top three predicted trends that will be prominent in 2022 Christmas displays: 
Maximalism More is more! Keren Richter, an interior designer, told Vogue in an interview that Maximalism is the concept of ‘more is more’. Maximalism has emerged in recent times, opposing the idea of ‘minimalism’ which we saw emerge as a huge trend in the last few years.  Ritcher explained that maximalism as a style is all about layered patterning, bright hues incorporating an overall sense of playfulness and bold gestures.  Maximalism is presumed to be the next ‘big thing’ in home design, and we can almost certainly expect to see this trend present itself in the Christmas design industry in 2022.  The maximalism design concept enhances our ability to express one’s individuality and provide a unique perspective on any particular design. When it comes to Christmas, it’s predicted that bold colour pallets, eclectic prints, statement lighting and additional accessories will come into play this season. With the events of the last few years, maximalism will shine and provide that extra spark of joy I think a lot of people desire today. Christmas is the perfect time to provide this joy!


When it comes to Christmas time, we simply cannot go past exciting light trends! When it comes to neon lighting, expect to see it lighting up spaces everywhere in 2022!

Did you know that neon lighting was actually invented in France?  French Engineer, Georges Claude created the very first neon tube (Thank you very much George). Since its invention, neon lighting has been used abundantly. When neon comes to mind we often associate it with imagery of old school American diner signs. Neon lighting has even become an interior design trend, with an abundance of custom neon sign businesses emerging in the last several years. 

For Christmas 2022 it’s predicted that neon lighting will be used in replacement of traditional globe lighting, custom neon signs with Christmas messages will be prevalent and neon baubles to compliment this electric style.

We’ve already incorporated some of the predicted 2022 trends into our previous displays: